Question: 1 Write a draft of the proposal explaining the advantages

1. Write a draft of the proposal explaining the advantages of a review committee, as your boss requested.
2. What would you tell your boss about the potential disadvantages of the committee approach and what are the alternatives?
3. What are some of the questions that are typically asked on a formal systems request form?
4. Explain how a company can systematically determine what project requests get approved and which ones do not. How can they prioritize the projects that are approved?

Your boss, the IT manager, was ready to explode. “Why can’t we get our priorities straight?” he fumed. "Here we go again, working on a low-value project, just because it’s a favorite of the marketing group. I wish we could get away from departmental politics! I want you to draft a memo that proposes a systems review committee for this company. Explain the advantages, but don’t step on anyone’s toes!”

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