Question: 1 Write an employment advertisement for a new systems analyst

1. Write an employment advertisement for a new systems analyst position at SWL. Perform Internet research to locate examples of advertisements for systems analysts, and consider SWL’s business profile when you write the advertisement.
2. Should SWL consider any of the following systems: ERP, business support, or knowledge management? Why or why not?
3. What opportunities might SWL have for Web-based B2B transactions in the future?
4. Should SWL consider ways to increase a sense of empowerment among its employees? Why or why not? Could user productivity software play a role in that effort? How?

SoftWear, Limited manufactures and sells casual and recreational clothing for men and women. SWL was formed about 10 years ago when a national firm sold the division during a corporate downsizing. A group of managers obtained financing and became owners of the company. With clever marketing, competitive pricing, and efficient production, SWL has grown to more than 450 employees, including the corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants. Last year, SWL had sales of $700 million.

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