11. Determine material requirements plans for parts N and V and subassembly I as described in Solved Problem 3 ( see p. 532) for each of the following: a. Assume that there are currently 100 Ns on hand and scheduled receipts of 40 Is and 10 Vs at the beginning of week 3. No Es are on hand; 120 Es are needed at the start of week 5. b. Assume on- hand and scheduled receipts as in part a. Now suppose that 100 Es are needed at the start of week 5 and 55 at the start of week 7. Also, use multiples of these order sizes: N, 800; V, 200. Use lot- for- lot ordering for I. c. Using your answer to part b, update the MRP for V, using the following additional information for each of these cases: ( 1) one week has elapsed ( making it the start of week 2), and ( 2) three weeks have elapsed ( making it the start of week 4). The updated master schedule now has an order for 100 units of E in week 9. Your plan should cover weeks 2– 9 for case 1, and weeks 4– 11 for case 2. Assume all orders are released and received as planned.

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