Question: 1978 members of the Russell family began operating Russell Realty

1978, members of the Russell family began operating Russell Realty Associates ( RRA) as a partnership. Eddie Russell enjoyed decision- making authority over the partner-ship’s business, which involved buying, holding, leasing, and selling investment properties. After several years, Eddie and his sister, Nina Russell, became involved in several heated disputes over whether to develop or sell particular properties and whether and how to include Nina’s son in the partnership.

The Ethical Dimension
Does the judicial power to dissolve partnerships encourage partners to be more respectful toward each other? Why or why not?

The Legal Environment Dimension
Eddie petitioned for the dissolution of Russell Realty rather than dissociating from the firm because the partnership agreement prohibited the withdrawal of any partner. How might Eddie have divested himself of his interest in the firm without petitioning for its dissolution?

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