Question: A 400 0 m wide river flows from west to east

A 400.0-m-wide river flows from west to east at 30.0 m/min. Your boat moves at 100.0 m/min relative to the water no matter which direction you point it. To cross this river, you start from a dock at point A on the south bank. There is a boat landing directly opposite 8t point B on the north bank, and also one at point C, 75.0 m downstream from B (Fig. 3.53).
(a) Where on the north shore will you land if you point your boat perpendicular to the water current, and what distance will you have traveled?
(b) If you initially aim your boat directly toward point C and do not change that bearing relative to the shore, where on the north shore will you land?
(c) To reach point C: (i) at what bearing must you aim your boat, (ii) how long will it take to cross the river, (iii) what distance do you travel, and (iv) and what is the speed of your boat as measured by an observer standing on the river bank?

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