A 10-year study conducted by the American Heart Association provided data on how age, systolic blood pressure, and smoking relate to the risk of strokes. Assume that the following data are from a portion of this study. Risk is interpreted as the probability (times 100) that the patient will have a stroke over the next 10-year period. For the smoking variable, define a dummy variable with 1 indicating a smoker and 0 indicating a nonsmoker.

a. Develop an estimated regression equation that relates risk of a stroke to the person’s age, systolic blood pressure, and whether the person is a smoker.
b. Is smoking a significant factor in the risk of a stroke? Explain. Use α = .05.
c. What is the probability of a stroke over the next 10 years for Art Speen, a 68-year-old smoker who has systolic blood pressure of 175? What action might the physician recommend for thispatient?

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