Question: a Although in the United States there is no general

(a) Although in the United States there is no general “duty to rescue,” other countries do have such requirements. In France, Germany, and Russia, for example, bystanders may not legally ignore a fellow citizen who needs help in an emergency. What can you find about laws that require rescue in other parts of the world?
(b) Several states in the United States, including Wisconsin, Vermont, and Minnesota, also have such legislation. Many states require certain persons to report specific kinds of crimes, most often child abuse. Find and compare two state statutes.
(c) While rescue is not required in the United States, it is encouraged by the existence in every state of “Good Samaritan” laws, protecting people who assist in an emergency from liability in most circumstances. Locate the Good Samaritan law in your home state. Describe it in your own words. Does it protect those who do not have medical training?

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