Question: A An audit manager for a U S firm who has

a. An audit manager for a U.S. firm, who has been transferred to the company’s office in Japan, provides the following message to launch the marketing/production team’s work on a new product.
b. After months of uncertainty at Downs, Inc., a corporate official visits an office of the national corporation with the following response to concerned questions by mostly lower-wage, technical and support staff regarding layoffs and office closures:
c. After several trips to Mexico and nearly a year of negotiation to set up a joint venture, a U.S. partner faxed the final contract to the Mexican chief executive officer. The final contract included a request that the CEO personally guarantee the loan, a stipulation that had not been discussed previously.
d. Your unit manager, Mark, accused Joshua, a highly talented member of your design team, of being permanently attached to his Blackberry, laptop, and other technology fads that are timewasters and believes Joshua’s work ethic is right ip there with his flip flops, faded jeans, and baggy sweaters. Joshua is frustrated at Mark’s insistence on frequent progress reports, criticism when the team isn’t willing to work past five o’clock to get a job done, and general disinterest in expanding his technology skills.

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