a Barrick Gold ABX 25 Bombardier BBD B 25 Bell Canada Enterprises
a. Barrick Gold (ABX) (25%), Bombardier (BBD.B) (25%), Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE) (25%), Bank of Montreal (BMO) (25%)
b. ABX (50%), BBD.B (10%), BCE (10%), BMO (30%)
c. ABX (10%), BBD.B (40%), BCE (40%), BMO (10%)
d. Which portfolio would a gambler choose? Explain.
e. Which portfolio would a risk-averse investor choose? Explain.

Monthly returns for the following selected stocks on the Toronto Stock Exchange were recorded for the years 2008 to 2012:
Barrick Gold (ABX), Bombardier (BBD.B), Bell Canada Enterprises (BCE), Bank of Montreal (BMO), Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS), Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CM), Canadian National Railways (CNR), Canadian Oil Sands (COS), Canadian Tire (CTC.A), Encana (ECA), Enbridge (ENB), Manulife Financial (MFG), Magna International (MG), Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (POT), Power Corporation of Canada (POW), Research in Motion (RIM), Rogers Communication (RCI.B), Royal Bank of Canada (RY), Shaw Communications (SJR.B), Suncor Energy (SU), Telus (T), Tim Horton’s (THI)

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