Question: A Because 1 lb 0 4536 kg strength observations can

a. Because 1 lb = 0.4536 kg, strength observations can be re-expressed in kilograms through multiplication by this conversion factor: new y = 0.4536(old y). What is the equation of the least-squares line when y is expressed in kilograms? y^ = 2424.7 + 3.891x
b. More generally, suppose that each y value in a data set consisting of n (x, y) pairs is multiplied by a conversion factor c (which changes the units of measurement for y). What effect does this have on the slope b (i.e., how does the new value of b compare to the value before conversion), on the intercept a, and on the equation of the least-squares line? Verify your conjectures by using the given formulas for b and a.

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