Question: a Before interviewing Johnnie is there any information from his

a. Before interviewing Johnnie, is there any information from his personnel file that you would like to know?
b. Before interviewing Johnnie, would you like to ask Donna and Alan any additional questions?
c. Before interviewing Johnnie, what documentation would you like to see and why? (Hint: Think of information that might indicate vendor fraud.)
d. Before interviewing Johnnie, is there anything else you might have wanted to know about him that perhaps Donna, Alan, and Karen could tell you because they see him almost daily?
Quality-Best, the company for which Christie Bowers works, manufactures and sells components for the aerospace industry. In her position as chief internal auditor, she has investigated several suspected frauds over the years and she was reviewing a new one. The current case began when a tip was submitted through an anonymous hotline. The tipster said that Johnnie Grant, an employee in the purchasing department, was receiving money from a supplier of Quality-Best.
Christie’s first step was to review the personnel structure of the purchasing department. Just as she suspected, Johnnie was the person in charge of ordering components for all manufacturing processes. She wasn’t surprised; Johnnie had been at Quality-Best for more than 20 years and had risen in the ranks to become supervisor.

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