Question: A brand of men s pants offered for sale at a

A brand of men’s pants offered for sale at a clothing store comes in various sizes. The possible waist sizes are
Waist: {24 inches, 26 inches, c, 46 inches}with inseams (length of the pant leg)
Inseam: {28 inches, 29 inches, c, 40 inches}
Define the event B = {waist 40 inches or larger} and T = {inseam 36 inches or larger}.
(a) Describe the choice of a customer that is in the event (B and T).
(b) What would it mean if P (B and T) =P (B) × P (T)?
(c) Does the choice of a tall, thin customer lie in the event (B and T) or the event (B or T)?

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