A bus is scheduled to stop at a certain bus stop every half hour on the hour and the half hour. At the end of the day, buses still stop after every 30 minutes, but because delays often occur earlier in the day, the bus is never early and is likely to be late. The director of the bus line claims that the length of time a bus is late is uniformly distributed and the maximum time that a bus is late is 20 minutes.
a. If the director's claim is true, what is the expected number of minutes a bus will be late?
b. If the director's claim is true, what is the probability that the last bus on a given day will be more than 19 minutes late?
c. If you arrive at the bus stop at the end of a day at exactly half-past the hour and must wait more than 19 minutes for the bus, what would you conclude about the director's claim? Why?

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