Question: A Check out the post titled AIS coverage in professional

a. Check out the post titled “AIS coverage in professional exams” on my AIS blog (http:// It spells out the topics you’ve studied in your AIS course relative to the CPA exam. Choose another professional certification exam, such as the CMA or CFE. Map the content of the exam to your AIS study, similar to what you’ll find in the blog post.
b. One of Bell’s seven characteristics of a professional is integrating knowledge from many disciplines. Look back over the topics we’ve examined in earlier parts of the book; explain how they fulfill that characteristic. For example, business process management (Chapter 4) is a topic commonly associated with operations management.
c. McDonald’s four criteria for being a professional include a specialized knowledge base and complex skills. Consider the topics you’ve studied in AIS this quarter; which of them constitute specialized knowledge? Which involve complex skills?
d. Ethics issues can arise in virtually any business process. Consider the steps in either the sales/collection or acquisition/payment process; suggest an ethical dilemma that could arise in one or more of those steps. For example, in the sales/collection process, an employee could knowingly ship extra units of product in an effort to boost company revenue.
e. Explain how each school of ethical thought discussed in this chapter would respond to the ethical dilemma you identified in part (d) of this problem. For example, the virtues school of ethics might consider shipping extra units of product unethical because it is not moral virtuous.

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