A clinical trial was conducted to test the effectiveness of the drug zopiclone for treating insomnia in older subjects. Before treatment with zopiclone, 16 subjects had a mean wake time of 102.8 min. After treatment with zoplicone, the 16 subjects had a mean wake time of 98.9 min and a standard deviation of 42.3 min (based on data from “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy vs Zopiclone for Treatment of Chronic Primary Insomnia in Older Adults,” by Siversten et al., Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 295, No. 24). Assume that the 16 sample values appear to be from a normally distributed population and construct a 98% confidence interval estimate of the mean wake time for a population with zopiclone treatments. What does the result suggest about the mean wake time of 102.8 min before the treatment? Does zopiclone appear to be effective?

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