A column in this data file gives the engine displacement in liters of 509 vehicles sold in the United States. These vehicles are 2012 models, are not hybrids, have automatic transmissions, and lack turbochargers.
(a) Produce a histogram of the engine displacements, with the interval widths set to 1/2 liter and the first bin starting at 1.25 liter. Describe and interpret the histogram.
(b) Repeat (a), but with the width of the intervals set to 1 liter and the smallest interval beginning at 1 liter.
(c) Does the size of the interval width change your impression of the distribution? Explain briefly.
(d) Find the mean and standard deviation of the engine displacements. How are these related to the histogram?
(e) Find the coefficient of variation and briefly interpret its value.
(f) Identify any unusual values (outliers). What would it mean to be an outlier?

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