A company entered into the following transactions a Purchased new machinery
A company entered into the following transactions:
a. Purchased new machinery for $24,000 cash.
b. Paid a $2,500 account payable relating to inventory.
c. Recorded cash sales of $52,000.
d. Purchased a new warehouse for $275,000. The seller of the building accepted 10,000 shares of common stock as payment.
e. Issued bonds at face value for $25,000. f. Purchased 200 shares of treasury stock for $7,000.
g. Purchased a new light truck for $18,000 by signing a 180-day note payable.
h. Collected a $3,000 receivable from a customer.
i. Sold 250 shares of Microsoft stock for its book value of $25,000.
j. Paid $2,000 for renewal of an insurance policy.
k. Paid dividends of $5,000 in cash.
Classify each transaction as a cash inflow or outflow from operating activities, investing activities, or financing activities, or as an item reported in a supplemental schedule of the statement of cash flows.
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