A company enters into the following transactions a Interest is paid
A company enters into the following transactions:
a. Interest is paid on a note payable.
b. Salaries are paid to the company's employees.
c. Bonds are issued in exchange for cash.
d. Income taxes are paid by the company.
e. New heavy machinery is purchased with cash.
f. Convertible bonds are issued in exchange for land.
g. Cash dividends are paid to stockholders.
h. The common stock of another company is purchased as an investment.
i. The company purchases its own common stock.
j. Common stock is given to the bank in return for cancellation of a note.
k. An amount due from a customer is collected.
l. Intangible assets are purchased from another company for cash.
Indicate whether each transaction would appear under operating activities, investing activities, or financing activities. Also note if a transaction is a significant non-cash transaction that would require additional disclosure.
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