Question: A company has two divisions The Bottle Division produces products

A company has two divisions. The Bottle Division produces products that have variable costs of $3 per unit. Its 2012 sales were 150,000 to outsiders at $5 per unit and 40,000 units to the Mixing Division at 140 percent of variable costs. Under a dual transfer-pricing system, the Mixing Division pays only the variable cost per unit. The fixed costs of Bottle Division were $125,000 per year.
Mixing sells its finished products to outside customers for $11.50 per unit. Mixing has variable costs of $2.50 per unit in addition to the costs from Bottle. The annual fixed costs of Mixing were $85,000. There were no beginning or ending inventories during the year.
1. What are the operating incomes of the two divisions and the company as a whole for the year?
2. Explain why the company operating income is less than the sum of the two divisions' total income.

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