A company that produces and markets video game systems wishes to assess its customers’ level of satisfaction with a relatively new model, the XYZ- Box. In the six months since the introduction of the model, the company has received 73,219 warranty registrations from purchasers. The company will randomly select 65 of these registrations and will conduct telephone interviews with the purchasers. Assume that the warranty registrations are numbered from 1 to 73,219 in a computer.
Starting in the upper left corner of Table 7.1(a) and moving down the five leftmost columns, we see that the first three five- digit numbers obtained are: 33276, 03427, and 92737. Starting with these three random numbers and moving down the five leftmost columns of Table 7.1(a) to find more five- digit random numbers, use Table 7.1(a) to randomly select the numbers of the first 10 warranty registrations to be included in the sample of 65 registrations.

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