A construction company is negotiating on a construction project with a sixmonth duration. On the last day of each month the construction company may bill the owner for the work completed during the month. The owner pays the monthly bills 15 days after they are received. The owner also holds a 10% retention. Final payment is expected one month after completion of the project and includes payment of the retention. The construction company pays material suppliers in full when it receives payment from the owner. The construction company pays subcontractors when it receives payment from the owner but withholds 10% from the subcontractor’s payment. The construction company pays for labor weekly. The projected monthly material, labor, and subcontractor costs follow. Determine the monthly cash flows and the total cash generated by the project at the end of each month and just before each payment is received from the project’s owner.

What is the maximum amount of cash invested by the company during the completion of theproject?

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