A construction firm has been commissioned to renew a portion of the Alaska crude- oil pipeline that has fallen into a state of disrepair. The project activities with the estimated times and their relationships are shown below:
a. Prepare a project network. b. List the critical path activities and the expected project duration. c. Determine the scheduling times and total slack for all activities. d. In the contract, a bonus of $ 100,000 per day will be paid for each day the project is completed earlier than its expected duration. Evaluate the following alterna-tives to shorten the project duration and then make a recommendation:
1. Crash activity B by 4 days at a cost of $ 100,000.
2. Crash activity G by 1 day at a cost of $ 50,000.
3. Crash activity O by 2 days at a cost of $ 150,000.
4. Crash activity O by 2 days by drawing resources from activity N, thereby extending the time of N by 2 days.

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