Question: a Create a data flow diagram of the current system 151059

a. Create a data flow diagram of the current system.
b. Create a system flowchart of the existing system.
c. Analyze the internal control weaknesses in the system. Model your response according to the six categories of physical control activities specified in the SAS 78COSO control model.
d. Prepare a system flowchart of a redesigned computer-based system that resolves the control weaknesses that you identified. Explain your solution.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc., was founded in 1981 and began as a small cafe in Waitsfield, Vermont, roasting and serving premium coffee on the premises. Green Mountain Coffee has a warehouse and manufacturing plant located in Wilton, Vermont, where it presently employees 250 fill-time and part-time workers. Your firm has been hired to review Green Mountain’s internal controls over its payroll and fixed asset procedures.

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