Question: a Create a data flow diagram of the current system 151104

a. Create a data flow diagram of the current system.
b. Create a system flowchart of the existing system.
c. Analyze the internal control weaknesses in the system. Model your response according to the six categories of physical control activities specified in the SAS 78/COSO control model.
d. Prepare a system flowchart of a redesigned computer-based system that resolves the control weaknesses you identified. Explain your solution.

The production process at General Manufacturing Inc. involves the planning, scheduling, and controlling of the physical products through the manufacturing process. General’s manufacturing process begins in the production planning and control department, where June determines the materials and operations requirements and combines information from various departments to assess inventory requirements needed to produce a product. Marketing provides the sales forecast, engineering provides the engineering specifications, and the storeroom provides the raw material inventory status. June reviews this information to prepare a purchase requisition document, which she sends to purchasing. June then reviews the bill of materials and route sheets and prepares the following documents: work orders, move tickets, and materials requisitions. Three copies of each document are prepared. One copy of the work order, move ticket, and materials requisitions document is sent to cost accounting. The remaining two copies are sent to Mike, the supervisor in the work center.

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