a Create a data flow diagram of the current system 150967
a. Create a data flow diagram of the current system.
b. Create a system flowchart of the existing system.
c. Analyze the internal control weaknesses in the system. Model your response according to the six categories of physical control activities specified in SAS 78/COSO.
d. Prepare a system flowchart of a redesigned computer-based system that resolves the control weaknesses you identified. Explain your solution.

Bait ‘n Reel was established in 1983 by Jamie Roberts, an avid fisherman and environmentalist. Growing up in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains region, Roberts was lucky enough to have a large lake right down the road, where he found himself fishing throughout the year. Unfortunately, he had to drive more than 15 miles to purchase his fishing supplies, such as lines, hooks, and bait, among other things. Throughout his early adulthood, Roberts frequently overheard other fishermen vocalizing their displeasure at not having a local fishing store to serve their needs. Because of this, Roberts vowed to himself that he would open his own store if he could ever save up enough money.

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