Question: A crossover study of 13 children suffering from asthma Clinical

A crossover study of 13 children suffering from asthma (Clinical and Experimental Allergy, vol. 20, pp. 429–432, 1990) compared single inhaled doses of formoterol (F) and salbutamol (S). The outcome measured was the child’s peak expiratory flow (PEF) 8 hours following treatment. The data on PEF follow:
Let μ denote the population mean of the difference between the PEF values for the F and S treatments. Use a calculator or software for the following analyses:
a. Form the 13 difference scores, for instance 310 - 270 = 40 for child 1 and 330 - 365 = -35 for child 9, always taking F - S. Construct a dot plot or a box plot. Describe the sample data distribution.
b. Carry out the five steps of the significance test for a mean of the difference scores, using H0: μ = 0 and Ha: μ ≠ 0.
c. Discuss whether or not the assumptions seem valid for this example. What is the impact of using a convenience sample?

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