Question: A cute otitis media an infection of the middle ear

A cute otitis media, an infection of the middle ear, is a common childhood illness. There are various ways to treat the problem. To help determine the best way, researchers conducted an experiment. One hundred and eighty children between 10 months and 2 years with recurrent acute otitis media were divided into three equal groups. Group 1 was treated by surgically removing the adenoids (adenoidectomy), the second was treated with the drug Sulfafurazole, and the third with a placebo. Each child was tracked for 2 years, during which time all symptoms and episodes of acute otitis media were recorded. The data were recorded in the following way:
Column 1: ID number
Column 2: Group number
Column 3: number of episodes of the illness
Column 4: number of visits to a physician because of any infection
Column 5: number of prescriptions
Column 6: number of days with symptoms of respiratory infection
a. Are there differences between the three groups with respect to the number of episodes, number of physician visits, number of prescriptions, and number of days with symptoms of respiratory infection?
b. Assume that you are working for the company that makes the drug Sulfafurazole. Write a report to the company’s executives discussing your results.

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