Question: A December 2011 FOX News poll asked Which of the

A December 2011 FOX News poll asked, “Which of the following comes closest to your view about what government policy should be toward illegal immigrants currently in the United States?” The three options were (A) Send all illegal immigrants back to their home country, (B) Have a guest worker program that allows immigrants to remain in the United States to work but only for a limited amount of time, and (C) Allow illegal immigrants to remain in the country and eventually qualify for U.S. citizenship, but only if they meet certain requirements, such as paying back taxes, learning English, and passing a background check. The following table lists the party affiliations of the respondents and their responses. The numbers in the table are approximately the same as reported in percentages in the poll.
Test at a 5% significance level whether the distributions of responses are significantly different for at least two of the political affiliations.

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