Question: A description of 14 typical information processing routines is given

A description of 14 typical information processing routines is given here, along with 10 numbered segments from systems flowcharts (Figure). Match the flowcharting segments with the descriptions to which they correspond. Four descriptions will be left blank.

a. Two documents are sent to an external entity.
b. Data on source documents are keyed to an offline disk.
c. Programmed edits are performed on key input, the data entry clerk investigates exceptions and keys in corrections, and then data on the disk are updated.
d. Inputs stored on two magnetic disks are merged.
e. The computer prepares a report that is sent to an external entity.
f. Output is provided to a display device at a remote location.
g. A batch total of input documents is compared to the total reflected on an error and summary report produced after the documents were recorded.
h. Data are keyed from a remote location.
i. Data on a magnetic tape are printed during an offline operation.
j. Data stored on a disk are sorted and placed on another disk.
k. A report is printed from the contents of a disk.
l. Documents are manually posted to a paper ledger.
m. Magnetic tape input is used to update master data kept on a disk.
n. A printed output document isfiled.
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