A disproportionation reaction involves a substance that acts as both an oxidizing agent and a reducing agent, producing higher and lower oxidation states of the same element in the products. Which of the following disproportionation reactions are spontaneous under standard conditions? Calculate ΔGo and K at 25oC for those reactions that are spontaneous under standard conditions.
a. 2Cu+(aq) → Cu2+(aq) + Cu(s)
b. 3Fe2+(aq) → 2Fe3+(aq) + Fe(s)
c. HClO2(aq) → ClO3-(aq) + HClO(aq) (unbalanced)
Use the half reactions:
ClO3 2 + 3H+ + 2e- → HClO2 + H2O ϐo = 1.21 V
HClO2 + 2H+ + 2e- → HClO + H2O ϐo = 1.65 V

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