Question: A factory foreman is concerned about the high rate of

A factory foreman is concerned about the high rate of absenteeism of his workers every Monday morning. His hunch is that the workers drink too much during the weekend, have a hangover on Monday mornings and cannot attend work. He also feels that the high rate of pay they receive allows them to become lethargic. From an informal talk with his employees, the foreman finds that almost every single worker drinks during the weekend. However, some said that they could handle drinks very well and never had hangovers. “Ha! Now I know,” mused the foreman, “only those who do not have an adequate tolerance level for alcoholic beverages suffer the effects of hangover and remain absent on Monday mornings. Of course, high pay may also be a reason.”
Given the above situation, answer the following:
a. What would be the problem statement?
b. Evolve a Theoretical Framework.
c. Develop three hypotheses for testing.

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