Question: A farmer in Iowa owns 450 acres of land He

A farmer in Iowa owns 450 acres of land. He is going to plant each acre with wheat or corn. Each acre planted with wheat yields $2000 profit, requires three workers, and requires two tons of fertilizer. Each acre planted with corn yields $3000 profit, requires two workers, and requires four tons of fertilizer. There are currently 1000 workers and 1200 tons of fertilizer available.
a. Use Solver to help the farmer maximize the profit from his land.
b. Confirm graphically that the solution from part a maximizes the farmer’s profit from his land.
c. Use SolverTable to see what happens to the decision variables and the total profit when the availability of fertilizer varies from 200 tons to 2200 tons in 100-ton increments. When does the farmer discontinue producing wheat? When does he discontinue producing corn? How does the profit change for each 10-ton increment?

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