A federal environmental agency engaged in the following transactions during a particular year.
1. Itbilledcorporationsforwhichitprovidedservices$160 million. Of this, it collected $140 million.
2. It levied $150 million in fines and penalties against corporations. Of this, $90 million was collected in cash. Of the balance, the protest period has expired on $35 million, which the agency expects to collect in the following year. The remaining $25 million is in dispute and court dates have not yet been set.
3. It collected an additional $20 million in fines and penalties that had been assessed by federal courts in the previous period.
4. It received cash donations of $3 million and pledges of an additional $2 million. The agency’s counsel advises that the pledges are not legally enforceable.
a. Prepare journal entries to record the revenues and collections.
b. Show how the revenues and related receivables would be reported on the agency’s balance sheet and statement of net cost (i.e., an operating statement).

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