Question: A few years ago news began circulating about a computer

A few years ago, news began circulating about a computer virus named Michelangelo that was set to “ignite” on March 6, the birthday of the famous Italian artist. The virus attached itself to the computer’s operating system boot sector. On the magical date, the virus would release itself, destroying all of the computer’s data. When March 6 arrived, the virus did minimal damage. Preventive techniques limited the damage to isolated personal and business computers. Though the excitement surrounding the virus was largely illusory, Michelangelo helped the computer-using public realize its systems’ vulnerability to outside attack.
a. What is a computer virus? Cite at least three reasons why no system is completely safe from a computer virus.
b. Why do viruses represent a serious threat to information systems? What damage can a virus do to a computer system?
c. How does a virus resemble a Trojan horse?
d. What steps can be taken to prevent the spread of a computer virus?

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