Question: A Find the sample means M standard deviation s and

a. Find the sample means M, standard deviation s, and standard error of the mean SEM for scores on temperature.
b. Examine a histogram of scores on temp. Is the shape of the distribution reasonably close to normal?
c. Set up a 95% CI for the sample mean, using your values of M, s, and N (N = 130 in this data set).
For both: use z = -1.96 and z = + 1.96 to correspond to middle 95% of the area of the sampling distribution.
d. The temperature that is popularly believed to be “average” or “healthy” is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37 degrees Centigrade). Does the 95% CI based on this sample include this value that is widely believed to represent an “average/ healthy” temperature? What conclusion do you draw from this?

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