Question: a From a process standpoint evaluate how well this investigation

a. From a process standpoint, evaluate how well this investigation began to unfold.
b. Should Barbara have done anything differently?
c. What changes, if any, would you recommend be made to the system?

The Green Natural Wellness Company, aka GNWC, sells select, high-end nutritional and health and beauty products to small health food stores throughout the United States. Its headquarters and warehouses are located in Clear Lake, Texas, only a couple of miles from the NASA Space Center.
GNWC’s key success factor is its ability to quickly bring to market new products before other suppliers do. The company has two full-time buyers who spend all their time traveling around the world in search of unique “nutraceuticals.” For example, one of the buyers recently discovered that when a common plant in the Brazilian rain forest is mixed with natural emollients, the result is a cream that eliminates even the most difficult cases of acne. After the discovery, GNWC took only six weeks to bring the product to market.

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