Question: A full service car wash has an automated exterior conveyor car

A full-service car wash has an automated exterior conveyor car wash system that does the initial cleaning in a few minutes .However, once the car is through the system, car wash workers hand clean the inside and the outside of the car for approximately 15 to 25 additional minutes. There are enough workers to handle four cars at once during this stage. On a busy day with good weather, the car wash can handle up to 150 cars in a 12-hour time period. However, on rainy days or on certain days of the year, business is slow. Suppose 50 days of work are randomly sampled from the car wash’s records and the number of cars washed each day is recorded. A stem and-leaf plot of this output is constructed and is given below. Study the plot and write a few sentences describing the number of cars washed per day over this period of work. Note that the stem-and-leaf display is from Minitab, the stems are in the middle column, each leaf is only one digit and is shown in the right column and the numbers in the left column are cumulative frequencies up to the median and then de-cumulative thereafter.
Stem-and-leaf of Cars Washed per Day N = 50 Leaf Unit =1.0

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