A gardening company is testing new ways to improve plant growth. Twelve plants are randomly selected and exposed to a combination of two factors, a “Grow-light” in two different strengths and a plant food supplement with different mineral supplements. After a number of days, the plants are measured for growth and the results (in inches) are put into the appropriate boxes.
Can an interaction between the two factors be concluded? Is there a difference in mean growth with respect to light? With respect to plant food? Use α = 0.05.
Perform these steps. Assume that all variables are normally or approximately normally distributed, that the samples are independent, and that the population variances are equal.
a. State the hypotheses.
b. Find the critical value for each F test.
c. Complete the summary table and find the test value.
d. Make the decision.
e. Summarize the results. (Draw a graph of the cell means if necessary.)

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