A government must apply the criteria of GASB Statement No
A government must apply the criteria of GASB Statement No. 14 in determining whether and how to include a related entity in its reporting entity. Frost City is considering whether and how it should include the following related entities in its reporting entity.
1. Its school system, although not a legally separate government, is managed by a school board elected by city residents. The system is financed with general tax revenues of the city, and its budget is incorporated into that of the city at-large (and thereby is subject to the same approval and appropriation process as other city expenditures).
2. Its capital asset financing authority is a legally separate government that leases equipment to the city. To finance the equipment, the authority issues bonds that are guaranteed by the city and expected to be paid from the rents received from the city. The authority leases equipment exclusively to the city.
3. Its housing authority provides loans to low-income families with in the city and is governed by a five-person board appointed by the city’s mayor.
4. Its hospital is owned by the city but managed under contract by a private hospital management firm.
5. Its water purification plant is owned in equal shares by the city and two neighboring counties. The city’s interest in the plant was acquired with resources from its water utility (enterprise) fund.
6. Its community college, a separate legal entity, is governed by a board of governors elected by city residents and has its own taxing and budgetary authority. Based on the very limited information provided, indicate whether and how the city should report the related entity.
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