A group of business students at Tech organized a student
A group of business students at Tech organized a student club called Prism to develop and disseminate content about business majors through a website they created. They would like the college and various academic departments to use their club website to provide information about, and promote, their majors, and to post possible job opportunities from potential employers. In order to convince the college administration and department heads to use their site, they want to develop a forecast of future website visits. Following is the number of weekly visits the club’s website has received for the past 24 weeks while it has been existence.

Develop a linear trend line forecast, an exponential smoothing forecast (a = 0.60) and a three-month weighted moving average (with the most recent month weighted by 0.50, the next closest month by 0.30 and the final month by 0.20). Indicate which one seems to be the most accurate forecast model and the forecast for week25.
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