Question: a How would you assess the usefulness of the average

a. How would you assess the usefulness of the average number of wins as a predictor of whether a team ever won a Super Bowl?
b. What’s the advantage of being able to use a categorical variable (such as 1 or 0) as a dependent variable?
c. What other variables might you use to predict the dependent variable, and why would you choose them?

Team Average Number of Bowl? (1 = yes and 0 = Wins Over 10 Years no)
Savannah Sharks 12 1
Pittsburgh Pelicans 11 0
Williamstown Warriors 15 0
Bennington Bruisers 12 1
Atlanta Angels 13 1
Trenton Terrors 16 0
Virginia Vipers 15 1
Charleston Crooners 9 0
Harrisburg Heathens 8 0
Eaton Energizers 12 1
Discuss the general idea that just because two things are correlated, it does not mean that one causes the other.
Provide an example (other than ice cream and crime!).

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