a If Juan actually were well suited for sales which
(a) If Juan actually were well suited for sales, which work values and work-style factors do you think he would rate as “very important”?
(b) What would you recommend to Juan regarding how to find out about the depth of his interest in a sales career?
(c) Assuming Juan has appropriate personal qualities and academic strengths to be successful in a sales career, what additional strategies should he consider to better market himself?

After completing his associate of arts degree four months ago from a community college in Rochester, New York, Juan Ramirez has answered more than a two dozen advertisements and interviewed several times in his effort to get a sales job, but he has had no success. Juan has never done sales work before, but he did take some business classes in college, including “Personal Selling.” After some of the interviews, Juan telephoned some of those potential employers only to find that even though they liked him, they said they typically hired only those people with previous sales experience or who seemed to possess terrific potential.

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