A July 21 2009 just a reminder that July 21
A July 21, 2009 (just a reminder that July 21 is National Junk Food Day) survey on www. HuffingtonPost.com asked people to choose their favorite junk food from a list of choices. Of the 8002 people who responded to the survey, 2049 answered chocolate, 345 said sugary candy, 1271 mentioned ice cream, 775 indicated fast food, 650 said cookies, 1107 mentioned chips, 490 said cake, and 1315 indicated pizza. Although the results were not broken down by gender, suppose that the following table represents the results for the 8002 people who responded, assuming that there were 4801 females and 3201 males included in the survey.
a. If one person is selected at random from this sample of 8002 respondents, find the probability that this person
i. Is a female
ii. Responded chips
iii. Responded chips given that this person is a female
iv. Responded chocolate given that this person is a male
b. Are the events chips and cake mutually exclusive? What about the events chips and female? Why or why not?
c. Are the events chips and female independent? Why or why not?
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