A kitten stands on the edge of a lazy Susan
A kitten stands on the edge of a lazy Susan (a turntable). Assume that the lazy Susan has frictionless bearings and is initially at rest.
(a) If the kitten starts to walk around the edge of the lazy Susan, the lazy Susan will (1) remain lazy and stationary, (2) rotate in the direction opposite that in which the kitten is walking, or (3) rotate in the direction the kitten is walking. Explain.
(b) The mass of the kitten is 0.50 kg, and the lazy Susan has a mass of 1.5 kg and a radius of 0.30 m. If the kitten walks at a speed of 0.25 m/s, relative to the ground, what will be the angular speed of the lazy Susan?
(c) When the kitten has walked completely around the edge and is back at its starting point, will that point be above the same point on the ground as it was at the start? If not, where is the kitten relative to the starting point? (Speculate on what might happen if everyone on the Earth suddenly started to run eastward. What effect might this have on the length of a day?)
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