A large number of workers commute to work at the
A large number of workers commute to work at the Honda assembly plant in Alliston, Ontario, every day. The commute can be quite long, depending on traffic conditions. Suppose the company decided to experiment with flexible hours for office workers at the plant. A random sample of these workers was asked to precisely time (in minutes) how long their drive to work took, over a random sample of days. On half of those days, the workers were to leave home to arrive for an 8 A.M. start, on the other half they were to arrive for a 9 A.M. start. The average commuting time for each worker was recorded for each start time, and the results are shown below in Exhibit 9.51. Is there evidence, at a 4% significance level, that the earlier arrival time reduces the time it takes for workers to commute to work?
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