A legal software firm has created a more comprehensive but also more complex version of the software used by counties to manage their court systems. The company selected a few current customers to beta test the new software. Each of the persons who used the old software was evaluated using a survey and then assigned a rating to reflect his or her level of sophistication in terms of using software. The ratings are basic user, moderately complex user, and highly complex user. After using the new software for a few weeks, the individual users then responded with a level of preference of the new software compared to the current version of the software. The levels were strong preference for current version, moderate preference for current version, no preference, moderate preference for new version, and strong preference for new version. The data for the 190 current users of the software are given in the following table.
a. Is there evidence of a significant relationship between sophistication of the user and level of preference? Use a = .05.
b. Describe the relationship between sophistication of the user and level of preference (if any).

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