Question: A list of selected items involving Fischer Company s cash flow

A list of selected items involving Fischer Company’s cash flow activities for 2016 is presented here:
a. Patent amortization expense, $3,500
b. Machinery was purchased for $ 39,500
c. At year-end, bonds payable with a face value of $20,000 were issued for $17,000
d. Net income, $47,200
e. Dividends paid, $16,000
f. Depreciation expense, $12,900
g. Preferred stock was issued for $13,600
h. Investments were acquired for $21,000
i. Accounts receivable increased by $4,300
j. Land was sold at cost, $11,000
k. Inventories increased by $15,400
l. Accounts payable increased by $2,700
m. Beginning cash balance, $19,400
Prepare Fischer’s statement of cash flows for 2016.

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