A list of terms and another list of definitions and
A list of terms and another list of definitions and examples are presented below. Make a list numbered 1 through 7 and match the letter of the most directly related definition or example with the number of each term.
1. Accounting controls
2. Adequate documents and records
3. Checks on recorded amounts
4. Effective personnel policies
5. Internal control structure
6. Safeguards over assets and records
7. Segregation of duties
Definition or Example
a. Company policy prevents accountants from handling cash.
b. Company policy requires receiving reports to be made for all deliveries by suppliers.
c. Cash deposits are reconciled with cash register records at the end of every day.
d. This includes the accounting system, all policies and procedures of the business, and the environment in which they operate.
e. Every evening, a jewelry store removes all items of merchandise valued at over $100 from its display.
f. These are policies and procedures that govern the identification, measurement, recording, and communication of economic information.
g. Every new employee is required to spend two days in training courses to learn company policies.
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