Question: A local gas station collected data from the day s receipts

A local gas station collected data from the day’s receipts, recording the gallons of gasoline each customer purchased. The following table lists the frequency distribution of the gallons of gas purchased by all customers on this one day at this gas station.
Gallons of Gas Number of Customers
0 to less than 4......... 31
4 to less than 8......... 78
8 to less than 12....... 49
12 to less than 16........ 81
16 to less than 20...... 117
20 to less than 24....... 13
a. How many customers were served on this day at this gas station?
b. Find the class midpoints. Do all of the classes have the same width? If so, what is this width? If not, what are the different class widths?
c. Prepare the relative frequency and percentage distribution columns.
d. What percentage of the customers purchased 12 gallons or more?
e. Explain why you cannot determine exactly how many customers purchased 10 gallons or less.

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