A local ice cream parlor wants to determine whether the temperature has an effect on its business. The following table contains data on the temperature at 7PM on 10 rain-free weekend days during the summer and the number of customers served by this ice cream parlor.
a. With temperature as an independent variable and number of customers as a dependent variable, compute SSxx, SSyy, and SSxy.
b. Construct a scatter diagram for these data. Does the scatter diagram exhibit a positive linear relationship between temperature and the number of customers served?
c. Find the regression equation ŷ = a + bx
d. Give a brief interpretation of the values of a and b calculated in part c.
e. Compute the correlation coefficient r.
f. Predict the number of customers served on a rain-free weekend summer day when the temperature is 73 F. Returning to part b, how reliable do you think this prediction will be? Explain.

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